Things to do for December 22, 2011

The Weekender

Secret Eggnog, Goose Drippings and Jugs of Wine

The weekend is your first gift.

Southpaw BBQ’s Secret Eggnog

Southpaw BBQ’s Secret Eggnog

The good stuff is always stashed away. And that even applies to eggnog. Head to Southpaw, slyly murmur the word “tugboat” to your bartender, and you’ll get their heirloom concoction of whiskey, spiced rum, a fresh-cracked egg and a few secret ingredients we’d divulge if we didn’t think you’d want to guess on your own...

Available now, $12, Southpaw BBQ, 2170 Mission St (at 17th), 415-934-9300

Last-Minute Shopping at Rand + Statler

Last-Minute Shopping at Rand + Statler

Bring in a toy to Rand + Statler, Welcome Stranger or Azalea, and you’ll get 30% off any potential last-minute gifts you might need to buy. Since all three stores cover just about anyone on your list, you’ll have time to pick something up for yourself. In short: everybody wins.

Through Dec 24, Rand + Statler, 425 Hayes St (at Gough), 415-634-0881

Growlers at Simi

Growlers at Simi

These two-liter jugs of red wine are labeled “Maiale Cieco” (Italian for “blind pig”). Come in for refills, and you’ll get the seventh bottle for half off. (Right when things are getting good.)

Available now, Simi Winery, 16275 Healdsburg Ave, Healdsburg, 707-433-3686

Moonraker in Pacifica

Moonraker in Pacifica

A short drive south will be rewarded with floor-to-ceiling views of the Pacific and cocktails strong enough for a sailor. Warm up with hot buttered rum and opt for the roasted crab—that is, unless the bone-in veal chop layered with foie gras and black truffles is on the list. Then warm up with that.

Now open, Moonraker, 105 Rockaway Beach Ave, Pacifica, 650-557-7025

Last Day of Schmidt’s German Christmas

Last Day of Schmidt’s German Christmas

It’s true that Christmas season came and went. But with so many parties, you might’ve missed Schmidt’s traditional German offerings of eisbock beer, glühwein and a Christmas-themed dinner with wild-boar goulash. There’s a gender-specific appetizer list, where men eat goose drippings smeared on bread. Don’t ask about the women...

Through Dec 27 (closed Dec 24-25), Schmidt’s, 2400 Folsom St (at 20th), 415-401-0200

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