High Concept

Introducing the Mind-Controlled Car

None Sit down. Take a deep breath. We’re about to introduce something to you that’ll forever change the way you drive. There’s one catch: technically, it doesn’t exist. Well, not yet...

Driving can be so much effort.

Steering. Shifting gears. Managing seat heaters.

It’s time you made it all easier by doing the only logical thing: telling your car to turn left... with your mind.

Introducing BrainDriver, a computer system built into your car so you can drive with pure brainpower, available... someday in the future.

This thing will theoretically enable you to zip around traffic, all without using an arm or a leg. Meaning finally, you can weave through traffic while saying, “Look, no hands.”

First, you’ll turn over your car and your laptop to some German engineers, who’ll outfit your vehicle with all the appropriate cameras and sensors, and sync it to your PC. (That feeling you’ll experience is doubt. It’s natural.)

Then, you’ll jump in your ride and put on what looks like a scalp massager from the future—it has 16 sensors that allegedly send your brain activity to your car. (Just go with it.) After a quick test, where you move an object on the computer screen by thinking, you’ll hit the open road. There you’ll be steering the wheel and accelerating the car just by moving the square on your computer with your thoughts.

Unfortunately, you still need your hands to open the sunroof.

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