High Concept

Introducing the Flying Robot

None Being the weaver of dreams that you are, you can appreciate something big-concept that is very close to becoming a reality. So here’s a look into an out-there design that will very soon be something in our world. We call it “High Concept.”


Good news: they’re here. Bad news: at the moment, they’re mostly of the Roomba variety.

But a new era is coming. And it involves floating robots. Smiling, floating robots, actually. With silly names.

Introducing the Exclamation Marky Flying Robot, a floating, made-in-Germany (of course) interactive robot, in concept stage now.

To get an idea of this thing, first start thinking about robots. Then, picture the LED-faced talking robot from Rocky IV having a robo-child with WALL-E’s girlfriend, EVE. Then, make the whole thing into the shape of an exclamation point (with little wings), and give it a pleasant demeanor (think: smiley faces and sayings like “Hey, Dude”). There you go.

Now, we should be clear: this probably won’t be something you own. Rather, it’ll be something at which you marvel at exhibitions and on guided tours (perhaps in Europe). There it’ll be: hovering around and providing information and being cute, all while staying aloft by a mini jet turbine engine (no word on top speed yet).

It may even show you what mood it’s in by facial expressions on the display screen—though for our sake, let’s hope it’s an agreeable one.

You know the old saying: never anger a punctuation-mark-shaped robot.


Exclamation Marky Flying Robot

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