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A New European Stunner in the Grove

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Restraint works for some people.

Monks. The Amish. Dominatrices.

But not for you—especially when it comes to oysters, champagne and the most lavish hideout to open in Coconut Grove since, well... ever.

So we bring you news of Villa Mayfair, a madhouse of European indulgence, now open for all your cocktail-imbibing and shellfish-tower-ing needs in Coconut Grove.

It’s in the old News Café spot, but it feels like the private clubhouse of a Russian oligarch. Walking in through the main arched doorway, you’ll find a glossy hideaway of Victorian-style couches, hand-painted tiles, a glass-enclosed raw bar and... ceramic deer heads. (It’s the next level in taxidermy.)

The plan: dinner with willing accomplices. The table: crowded with flutes of bubbly and silver platters piled with stone crabs and lobster. Go ahead, order the honey-glazed duck breast and bowls of risotto topped with shaved foie gras—the chef hails from Guy Savoy in Vegas. (Speaking of a lack of restraint...)

And every night around 11pm, the place transforms into a South Beach–style lounge with DJs and an outdoor VIP lounge secluded from the street by a vine-covered trellis.

The paparazzi will never find you now.


Villa Mayfair
2901 Florida Ave
Miami, FL, 33133


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