What a Croq

The Indoor Croquet Set You Require

None It’s coming: snow. Sleet. The dreaded “wintry mix.”

Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon and for the rest of the winter.

And we know what’s on your mind...

How in the world you’re going to keep your croquet game sharp.

Your answer: Gates, the handsome indoor croquet set you never saw coming, available by request for your vicious carpet-based croquet-ing now.

This is for when your heated tennis court is on the fritz again. And because you just never know what kind of unholy life situations will come up—ones that could necessitate a round of office and/or living room croquet. It’s an American-rules croquet set (six wickets), just like any other, except that it’s made entirely of soft sycamore maple, cork and leather. (Which should mean your great-grandfather’s prized crystal bourbon decanter isn’t at any risk. At least in theory.)

It’s also the final project of a design school grad, so it all stacks up together like a puzzle to compact into what looks like an old-school lunch pail, and would probably look pretty good on your mantel. (You know, next to the decanter.)

When that mallet urge strikes, you’ll play just like you would outside, but with coffee tables, alligator-skin rugs, Christmas trees and bad ground on the kitchen tile.

For extra challenge.

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