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Making Potato Chips in the Microwave

None Warning:

What we’re about to tell you may forever alter the way you look at Thanksgiving.

Though on second thought, it probably won’t. But hey, potato chips...

Meet the Microwave Potato Chip Maker, a glorious advancement in technology that’ll turn a potato into a pile of chips in five minutes, available now.

This thing has all you need to turn a humble potato into salty slices of dip-worthy goodness: a potato slicer, a microwave-friendly chip holder... a carrying handle. (Portability is key.)

So picture it. It’s Turkey Day. You’ve done all the necessary prep work. Cowboys game: on. Lombardi Trophy ice block: delivered. T-shirt cannon: loaded. But there’s a problem—your vegan niece is craving a snack, and nothing’s open.

Your move: disappearing into the kitchen and grabbing this thing. (It comes packed in a case with the Japanese phrase for “the world leader in potato innovation”... we assume.) Commandeer a potato, use the device’s slicer to cut it into thin-sized disks, and gently place each slice into the chip holder. Then toss the whole thing into the microwave. Five to eight minutes later (depending on how crispy you want them), you’ll have a bowl full of crunchy potato chips.

Feel free to chase them with pumpkin pie.

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