Missile Command

Launching Drone Strikes on Your Coworkers

None It’s a short workweek. Half your colleagues have already bailed, the boss is nowhere to be found, and you’ve got stuffing on the brain.

Also on your brain: office-related mischief. The kind that involves launching guided weaponry at your unsuspecting colleagues.

Presenting the Storm O.I.C. Missile Launcher, available now to help you remotely fire foam rockets at just about anyone.

The centerpiece of this little contraption is a tabletop launcher that looks like the kind of thing Reagan used in Europe during the Cold War. This is the part that you’ll want to stage in an auspicious, target-rich environment (the break room works well).

Meanwhile, you’ll have downloaded its companion software, which works through Skype. So with that done, you’ll get a big cup of coffee, retire to your secure bunker (also known as your desk) and declare DEFCON 1.

You’ll wait until the webcam detects a target (anywhere within 25 feet is in range), then aim and fire. Your coworker becomes the unwitting recipient of one of its four foam projectiles.

You get a warning from HR.


Storm O.I.C. Missile Launcher

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