You’ve Arrived

Announcing Your Arrival, Automatically

None Fact: life is better automated.

The evidence: your coffee pot starts every morning. Your dog’s food bowl refills itself every 12 hours. Even your car parallel parks on its own (ah, butlers...).

So it’s time your mobile check-ins to your favorite spots worked the same.

Presenting Arrived, the solution to the excruciatingly painful annoyance of having to manually alert your friends you’re wherever you are, available now.

Think of this app as the social media equivalent of having a troupe of monarchial trumpeters automatically announce your arrival into any venue (so tell Frederick, Niles and Thomas their horn services are no longer required... They can keep the tights, though).

How it works: first, download the app. Then, list the places that you’d like a preselected list of friends to know when you’ve arrived at. Say, the gym, or your local Irish pub. Anytime you walk into that venue, this app uses its GPS powers to automatically send a blast out alerting one and all that you have arrived (it’s like a signal flare for having people join you working out, or drinking).

Your friends don’t even need the app for it to work. Anyone not using it will just receive an SMS text.

It’s better than just screaming “I’m here” and hoping your friends hear.

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