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Turning Juice into Wine

None Once upon a time, there was a party with guys in robes, wine and some bread.

Well, they ran out of booze. Then one guy turned water into wine—we think it was a pinot grigio—and the party continued.

But enough about your last trip to Naples.

Let’s talk about Drinks-Lab, a homebrew kit that’ll turn juice into sparkling wine in 24 hours, available now.

This is like a chemistry set stocked with all the necessary tools to transform some Welch’s into an intoxicating bottle of the good stuff.

So let’s say you’re hosting an upcoming brunch party. You’ve got the basics: a breakfast taco bar, a DJ booth, a moat made of syrup. But you need something to drink (and a bridge for the moat, but we can’t help you there).

You’ll start by ordering a kit from a couple of vino-loving scientists across the pond. You’ll receive a stopper, a bottle, labels and yeast packets. But before you toss on a white lab coat, you’ll need to select your juice of choice. We’re told passion fruit is a solid choice—no offense to Sunny D. So 24 hours before the soiree, you’ll pour the juice and the yeast packet into the bottle, plug it with the stopper and toss it in the fridge.

As you stock up on Hungry Jack, your bottle will ferment, turning into a glorious, brunch-ready bottle of sparkling wine.

Or you could just go to the wine shop.

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