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La Cienega’s New Dinner-Party Mansion

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You already know who you’d invite to your imaginary anybody-in-the-world dinner party. Pitt. Mendes. Angela Merkel.

Now you just need a place to hold it, and there’d better be a dance floor.

Allow us to introduce Greystone Manor Supperclub, La Cienega’s beautifully insane new mansion of dining, dancing and showgirls, now open Thursdays and Saturdays for your next over-the-top dinner soiree.

First step: call out of work on Friday. Second step: wait for Thursday, when you’ll step inside SBE’s glittering redo of the Industry space for dinner. It’s a vast, cavernous manor with velvet seating, towering gold columns and giant crystal bubble chandeliers—sort of like your place, just a bit more subtle. You might expect stuffy food, but you’ll get platters of short rib grilled cheese from the Cleo chef.

But around the time you wave over another round of cucumber watermelon margaritas, things will start getting louder. Dance-ier. Behind the DJ, a huge LED light wall will begin moving to the music. Old-Hollywood showgirls will appear, moving to the LED light wall. And as you step out to the dance floor to debut your patent-pending new move, some limber aerialists will descend from somewhere above to try to steal your thunder.

Wouldn’t be a dinner party without limber aerialists.

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