Total Recall

Never Forget Someone’s Name Again

None Making deals to save basketball. Trying to lock up national political party nominations. And, er... uh... um... well, we can’t seem to recall the third one.

Sorry. Oops.

The point is, all your varied endeavors have one main thing in common: if you’re going to excel, you need to remember people’s names.

Enter Namerick, a name memorization coach in the form of an iPhone app, available for debates download now.

You meet a lot of people over the course of a week—business associates, Singaporean pop sensations and the like. It can be tough to keep track of them all—hence, Namerick.

The method: first, you’ll have to keep the name in your head until you get the chance to type it into the app (the name was Gisele). Then you’ll add a note about the person (tall, Brazilian, unhappy with the man in her life—some kind of athlete), and the app will produce the same kind of alliterative sentence used by memory champions. (Which exist.) The sentence: “Gisele grows grasses.” We promise this works.

An hour later (and then five hours later, and then again a day later), you’ll get a text message reminding you that you met Gisele an hour ago and that she was tall and Brazilian and...

Okay, you probably remembered that on your own.

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