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So there’s this architect.

He’s married to a yoga instructor.

And the logical pairing of their skills leads them to open... a hidden juice bar.

Which happens to be tucked away on a tree-lined street in Midtown.

Say hello to dTox and dShop, quite possibly the universe’s first and only design collective/clandestine juice bar/for-rent meeting spot, slated to open late next week.

This is basically the perfect place to get all businessy (it’s a technical term) while downing a refreshing glass of dandelion and spinach juice. And it’s all thanks to Tim and Shannon—that husband and wife team—who noticed a troubling lack of juice on the corner of 6th and Argonne.

So they made this place with pressed tin ceilings, black leather chairs and the unheard-of option to rent tables by the hour (fighting over outlets at coffee shops: not your thing). Meaning that once you call ahead and reserve your table (or just walk in and sit at the bar), you’ll be doing your interruption-free glad-handing over Red Juice with cucumber and beet, Wheatgrass Elixir or Brazil Nut Milk.

And yes, you can even schedule an architectural design consultation with Tim while you’re there.

Because we know you were wondering.


dTox and dShop
305 6th St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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