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A ’60s-Style Piano Bar in Midtown

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The Rat Pack.

Those guys had the right idea.

Crooning. Scotching. Crooning while scotching while hot-tubbing with Marilyn Monroe.

Well played, gentlemen... well played.

In fact, it’s high time we raised a Rob Roy and tickled some ivories in their honor.

Welcome to Murphy’s Den, a ’60s-style piano bar with a little neighborhood Irish pub thrown in for good measure, slated to open early next week in Midtown.

Before we get into this, we want to be crystal clear about something: expect all walks of life in here. All of them. And that’s a good thing. Mostly because circling around a piano and belting out Sinatra tunes with a grab bag of oddball strangers = hilarious (when in Midtown...).

It’s in the former Avra Greek Tavern space, so the chandeliers and creaky hardwoods (it’s in an old house) might look a bit familiar. But after you climb the winding staircase, grab an elaborate wood booth and start plucking through Southern noshery like pimento fritters and chicken pot pies, you’ll find that familiar feeling fading quickly.

Partially due to the fact that, just downstairs, there’s a piano being tuned up. Go to it. And when you do, it’s also worth mentioning that the cocktails you’ll be swinging back and forth are straight off the “Rat Pack List,” stacked with anything from Rusty Nails and Stingers to Sidecars and Old Fashioneds.

They’re for your singing voice.


Murphy’s Den
794 Juniper St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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