Poster Child

You, Made of Tweets

None We saw that portrait of you and, well, it’s a masterpiece.

The framing. The painting. Your immaculate Blue Steel.

In fact, only one thing is missing. Your breathtaking tweets.

Which brings us to Twitter Poster, a website that’ll make a huge poster of you from your very own 140-character musings, available now.

Okay, first: control your excitement. Yes, it’s true. Your tweets (and your retweets from Sheen) can be converted into one beautiful piece of art. And by art we mean a blown-up picture of your Twitter profile pic that’s only recognizable from over six feet away. Any closer and people will see your tweet wars with Baldwin.

We know exactly when you’ll use this. Let’s assume your study needs more... you. You’ll go to this site and enter your Twitter handle. It’ll pull your current profile picture—the one of you and your Sherpa on Kilimanjaro is perfect—and create a preview image from your tweets, listed in chronological order. Then, after five days, you’ll receive your own Picasso in the mail. We recommend tossing it in a gold frame, signing the bottom-right corner and hosting an unveiling party.

Because a live auction could get a little heated.

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