How High

The Highest Skydive in the World

None Today just happens to be Evaluate Your Life Day.

Seriously—it’s a thing.

On a possibly related note, we understand you’ve yet to skydive from commercial jet altitude.

Let the evaluating begin...

Introducing Halo Jumper, the only civilian way on earth to jump out of an airplane at 30,000 feet, scheduling jumps now.

Maybe you’ve skydived before. You strap on a chute, jump out and then tell all your friends. This is just like that, except about six times higher (Everest is lower), with subzero temperatures, oxygen masks and instructors who taught close combat courses for military special ops. (Which will be handy if you’re attacked by MiGs and/or sky ninjas.)

You’ll travel to Tennessee or Mississippi (depending on when you want to jump) and spend your first day learning the basics (how to use your equipment, reaching for cords) and the really basics (breathing).

The next day, you’ll board a B90 King Air, strapped to a pro (or by yourself if you’re licensed). Then, you’ll quietly panic. Keep this to yourself. When you’ve hit 30,000 feet, you’ll step up to the jump door, lean forward, and gravity will take care of the rest. The next two minutes—either the longest or shortest of your life—are total free fall. Then: parachute deployment.

We hope.

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