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J. Edgar. Boardwalk Empire. The Packers’ throwback jerseys.

Everybody’s going old-school these days.

Mind you: we’re not complaining...

Say hello to Oldfield’s Liquor Room, a brand-new, brasserie-style, old-timey, blast-from-the-past bar, opening Friday on a random corner of Venice Boulevard for your next round of hard-hitting, Mildred Pierce–era cocktails.

Brought to you by the 1933 Group (the Thirsty Crow, Bigfoot Lodge) and named after turn-of-the-century racing legend Barney Oldfield, this place does a good job of making you feel like you were born in 1910: subway tiles on the walls, lots of dark wood everywhere and maybe some ragtime music coming through the speakers.

Two other things you should be aware of: your waitress will look a bit like Dita Von Teese. And your drink will be mixed using housemade jams and syrups by a couple of barkeeps from La Descarga and Rivera. There are plenty of interesting cocktails to choose from, but we like the Blonde Comet, made with 12-year bourbon, grapefruit juice and a peach liqueur (ordering it with a redhead: not advised).

And if you decide to stay for a while (bourbon has that effect), you’ll want to fortify with thick-cut ham sandwiches from a Joan’s on Third vet. Or you might opt for a gin-spiked bowl of Shrub Punch, which serves eight guests.

But in 1930 terms, it serves two.


Oldfield's Liquor Room
10899 Venice Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90034


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