Lost and Found

Figuring Out What Happened Last Night...

None So last Friday...

It, um, well...

... Introducing Last Night, a new iPhone app to help you put together the pieces of those “footage not found” type of evenings, available now.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying you’d ever imbibe without the utmost care and sense of decorum. But, well, whiskey is good and the night is short and sometimes you wake up in a Monacan luxury suite with a nurse’s outfit hanging on the door and no memories. Thus, this app.

Maybe your evenings normally start with a cab ride. Not this time. This time you’ll launch the app first. Then, proceed as usual. Flash forward to the next morning. You’re in the suite. The nurse is... maybe gone... maybe it was you all along. No one knows (and maybe it’s better that way). You’ll open the app back up and check your route. For every few minutes you were out, you’ll see a pin on a map that’ll show you just where you were and when you were there.

You’ll see a stop-off at a local doctor’s office three hours in. A 43-minute detour at an all-night magic shop. Then another trip to the doctor’s office. Things are starting to come back to you. It makes sense to you now... almost.

Oh, and in case you were wondering: it also works in French.

Of course it does.

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