A Secret Weapon for Your Playlists

None If there were a hall of fame for playlist design, well, first off it would obviously be in the birthplace of the playlist: Yakima, Washington.

Secondly, you’d be enshrined.

But before that hallowed day can come, you’ll need to do one thing: share your pioneering iTunes work with the world...

Behold Rexly, an iPhone app that lets you see what your friends are listening to on iTunes in real time, available now.

Your jogging playlist. Your epic party mix—volumes 6 and 7 in particular. These are masterpieces. (That segue between Barry Manilow and Barry White: legendary.) And you’ve kept them to yourself for far too long.

If you’ve ever used Spotify or shared your playlist on AIM, this is kind of like that. Here’s what you do: download this thing and log in through Facebook. (We’re sorry to report it’s not yet compatible with Friendster.) You’ll sync it with iTunes, and then it will begin generating a live, Twitter-style feed that shows anyone with the app what you’re listening to right now. And around the globe, heads will begin nodding in time with your tunes.

Of course, you can’t always be a giver. So sometimes, you may just fire this up and see what else is out there. Which may lead to some shocking discoveries about your friends.

Turns out one is going through a Willow Smith phase.

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