Things to do for October 06, 2011

The Weekender

Partying at Turner Field and a Halloween Warm-Up

Youth is on a quest for the fountain of weekend.

A Because-You-Can Festival Road Trip

A Because-You-Can Festival Road Trip

Suggestion: leave the office early tomorrow, scoop up someone who looks better in a sundress than you and head to Callaway Gardens. Also, get a room... because the Harvest Moon Festival is happening all weekend—live music, alfresco pop-up kitchens and giant projection screens for your pigskinning needs. Mostly the watching football ones.

Oct 6-9, $31-$279, Callaway Gardens, 5887 Georgia Hwy 354, Pine Mountain (festival grounds on US Hwy 27 at Robin Lake Beach entrance), 800-225-5292, tickets and info here

What to Do with an Empty Turner Field

What to Do with an Empty Turner Field

Well, Turner Field is a ghost town. Damn shame, really. The bright side: you’ll have your run of the place at the Great Atlanta Beer Fest, where you’ll catch a few games in the Chop House while sampling hundreds of beers from Ommegang to Smuttynose. The Braves would’ve wanted it this way.

An SNL-Themed Dry Run for Halloween

An <i>SNL</i>-Themed Dry Run for Halloween

So there’s this party at the zoo. It’s not very zoo-y, though. In fact, it’s more Saturday Night Live-y than anything else. Yes, it’s an SNL-themed costume party/impromptu Halloween dry run. So many options: Cajun Man, Blues Brothers... those guys who put things in boxes. It’s still a zoo though, so be careful with that one.

Churches, Apparently for Partying Now

Churches, Apparently for Partying Now

Randomly enough, there’s a whole mess of musical artsy-ness in your immediate future. We’re talking independent short films, a DJ who likes to combine electronica with classical music, and some clarinet and cello players recreating Mozart tunes. Oh, and this is all happening in a church. Hey, we said randomly.

Tossing Bean Bags into Holes. For Glory.

Tossing Bean Bags into Holes. For Glory.

Ah, cornhole. Leisure sport of choice for noblemen, elitists... and the occasional floppy-haired college student. Head to Piedmont Park this Sunday for a double-elimination tournament complete with beer, cocktails and fistfuls of cash for first- and second-place victors. And by fistfuls, we mean not quite fistfuls. Still, beer and cornhole.

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