Remote Possibilities

A Remote Control Golf Ball. Sort Of.

None Face it.

The cold is coming for you. It’s coming for your family. And worst of all, it’s coming for your golf game.

That’s why you’re going to take it inside.

And while you’re at it, you’re going to ditch the clubs.

Introducing Sphero, an office golfer’s fantasy in the form of a ball you control with your phone, taking preorders now.

What it is: a robotic ball, about the size of a baseball, that rolls where and how fast you tell it to on your iPhone or Android. You can use it to mess with your dog or your less clever friends. But mostly, you’re going to be using it for the spectacle that is the makeshift game of office golf.

You know what that’s about. Just you, some fellow “board meeting” linksmen, a smooth surface and a tilted glass. Now throw a robotic ball and your phone into the mix, and you’ve got the idea. You’ll control the ball one of two ways: there’s the classic way—flicking the ball on your phone to make it go, or the real way—setting up in your classic Golden Bear stance, surveying the slope of your office, swinging back with your phone and watching the perfect wireless putt hit the cup.

You may need to install an office windmill.

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