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Barton G.’s New Date-Friendly Lair

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New places are exciting. New places are sexy. But new places dont always have Lobster Pop-Tarts.

This old place does...

Take a look at the totally revamped Barton G. The Restaurant, now a brighter and date-friendlier spot to feast on the namesake maestro’s carnival-esque cooking, now open.

First, you’ll notice what’s different: the hanging orchid curtains, the massive 60-inch flat-screen and the velvet stools at the bar. (What’s the same: the layout of the room and the size of the place, naturally.)

All those soothing earth tones are a subdued backdrop to probably the most flamboyant food presentations in the city. You can still expect a circus-like production and exaggerated props to grace your plate (we’re talking four-foot swords, plastic monkeys and duck decoys). Think of it as dinner and a show for your next date.

Come next Thursday they’ll roll out a new menu with things like the Blue Plate Special salad made with a blue-cheese stuffed waffle and candied walnuts, and the Chicken and the Egg consisting of chicken wings and deviled eggs.

Here’s hoping there’s a rubber chicken involved.

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