Ring King

This Phone Number Will Self-Destruct

None You’ve been known to mix it up with a motley assortment of people.

Scoundrels. Scallywags. Dastards. Rakes. Rascals. Even the occasional scamp.

And those are just your buddies. Imagine who you meet on a daily basis.

Therefore, offering your contact number must always be done with some caution.

Or with this: RingShuffle, a new iPhone app for creating temporary and later self-destructing phone numbers that route to your cell, available now.

So say you’ve sent your assistant out to the street to land some concert tickets at the Garden (your guy on the inside was sailing the Baltic Sea), and the person he finds needs to ring you with those front-row slots. While he was doing that, you were scanning the musical instruments ads on Craigslist (never can have too many ’73 Fender Rhodes lying around), and the seller wants your cell to call when he gets to your office.

Instead of just freely distributing your real number, which in some cities is considered highly sensitive information, you’ll open this app. By hitting “shuffle,” you’ll be given a temporary phone number (with area code), which will automatically reroute to your phone without your new friends learning your real number.

And don’t worry if you forget to delete the number after using it (or its replacement, during a high-stakes poker “misunderstanding”). It self-destructs in seven days, gone forever.

Poker debts: not so much.

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