Power Play

Part Soccer Ball, Part Portable Energy Generator

None Soccer balls. So predictable.

Always round. Always bouncy. Full of rhombi.

If only they could be a bit more practical and charge your cell phone.

Presenting Soccket, a soccer ball that’s actually a power generator that’s actually an electrical outlet you can bicycle kick, debuting Friday in Nolita.

Between pick-up games at Chelsea Piers and your brief stint as a striker’s apprentice for Manchester United, it’s safe to assume you know how a soccer ball works. And because of the fact that you’re not Amish, it’s safe to assume you know how a plug works.

So the next time you’re training for the Beach Soccer World Cup (you know, the BSWC) and simultaneously need to use your electric toothbrush, you’ll have a solution. Simply kick this ball around, and for every 30 minutes of use, its built-in kinetic energy core will create three hours of power. Then, when you have a free moment (or a corner kick), plug in any electronic device (iPod, laptop, fog machine) for a quick recharging.

And if you want to take one of the balls for a test punt, Openhouse (a gallery space in Nolita) will have them (along with a live African djembe drum band) on display this Friday. For each electricity-charging Soccket you buy/preorder, another will be donated to an impoverished foreign nation.

You 1, Bono 0.

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