The Heat Is On

Warming Up Your Pajamas This Fall

None You may have noticed: in what seems to be the span of about two days, fall has made a triumphant return to our storied lands.

Which for you probably means two things: football (all praise its name), and the crisp air creating chilly pajamas.

Football you were prepared for (especially yesterday). Cold PJs, not so much.

We found the solution to that: the Pajamas Warming Pouch, something that is exactly what its name suggests, available now.

To fully understand this scientific breakthrough, picture the loving pouch that most female marsupials come equipped with. Take the core functionality of that, but combine it with a thermal satin interior and an electrical plug-in that allows your favorite nite-nite suit to reach temperatures of 118 degrees in about 10 minutes, and there you go. Toasty, fresh-out-of-the-dryer-feeling PJs.

And when the winter blows in, and blow it will, your pajamas won’t be the only thing you can use this for. It also works for hats, gloves, towels... or anything really, as long as it fits in the pouch and it’s something you want exposed to the pouch’s magical 50-watt powers.

No, it doesn’t work for Hot Pockets.

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