Beautiful Junk Repurposed into a Bar

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Lately you’ve been exploring your spiritual side. Thinking a lot about reincarnation.

Your conclusion: with any luck, you’ll come back as a bar.

Possibly one a little like Salvage, a beautiful pile of old stuff reincarnated as a Downtown watering hole, officially opening Wednesday.

This is why you support recycling—with a little creativity, it can mean you get a funky place to drink some scotch. Look closely and you’ll see what we mean: some heavy ancient doors have become a long bar. Marble walls: now bistro tables. Stained glass from a 160-year-old church: stained glass above the bar. (Amen.)

If you’re here after work (happy hour is 3 to 7pm), take a seat under dozens of hanging globe lights in the breezy front porch area—the front wall of windows opens all the way up to let in the setting sun.

But if you’re here later with a date and looking for a little darkness, go all the way in, order some vodka-spiked Organic Rosemary Lime Coolers, then hide out in the rear corner. The backlit wall art near you: made from elevator ceilings.

Not the first time you’ve stared up at an elevator ceiling on a date.

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