Buddy System

Personal Security in Your Pocket

None You’re not one to seek out danger, to associate with unsavory characters.

But sometimes, they find you nevertheless.

What you could use in such situations: a dedicated bodyguard. Preferably one that fits in your pocket.

Introducing BuddyGuard, a revolutionary personal security app, available now for iPhone and coming soon for Android and BlackBerry.

Basically, this thing uses the sensors in your phone to keep you safe—or to blast out a quick SOS message if you’re not.

So let’s say that Bulgarian hit squad requests a meeting to discuss settling up the pub quiz bet you made with them last week (you never thought they’d know so much about the Olympics). You’ll want to turn on the app’s instant protection feature, which records and saves to a secure cloud audio, video and/or photos taken at designated intervals (it will also email them to designated contacts and check in with you regularly to make sure your shoes haven’t turned to concrete).

But then on your way home, you unwittingly find yourself amidst an illegal drag race on Constitution Avenue. Anytime your phone experiences five G’s of force, or accelerates for more than one second (as in a fall), it sends an alert.

Finally, the truly unexpected happens (an ambush involving an ex-girlfriend and a stiletto, let’s say). You can just send an SOS message to BuddyGuard, and they’ll alert your contacts (and the authorities, if you’ve upgraded to the GEOS response feature).

Now you just need an app for keeping it out of the papers.

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