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Phuc Yea!, by the Numbers

None You’ve probably heard something about the city’s first Vietnamese pop-up restaurant tucked away in a Downtown strip mall. Well, Phuc Yea! (pronounced “fook yeah”) opened last night, bringing crispy pig’s ears, Asian home-cooking and a sense of culinary maverick-ness to the city. Herewith, a statistical overview of the temporary den of pork and noodles.

Number of days the restaurant will be open: 90
Number of seats in the corridor-like space: 32
Latest you can order dinner: 10pm
Number of signs for the restaurant: 0
Number of signs for the restaurant’s daytime identity as Crown Bistro: 2
Number of neighboring retail spaces covered up with anime-emblazoned curtains: 5
Percent chance you’ll feel like you’ve stumbled on a noodle speakeasy in a downtown jewelry mall: 100
Number of squeeze bottles of fish sauce on each table: 1
Kinds of beer and wine on hand: 0 (it’s BYO for now)
Percentage of the menu inspired by recipes from the owner’s mother: 98
Number of dishes containing crispy pig’s ears cooked in beer: 1
Price of the most expensive dish on the menu (duck confit): $22
Number of chefs in the kitchen: 2
Percentage of those chefs sporting a ninja headband: 50
Times you’ll purposely mispronounce the name: infinite


Phuc Yea!
19 SE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL, 33131

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