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Having Random Strangers Wake You Up

None Think back to this morning.

6:30am: Your alarm sounds.
6:39am: Your alarm sounds again.
6:48am: As you blindly search for the meaning of it all, you trip over your dog, fall face-first into a fish tank and stumble to the floor wearing nothing but an eye mask and a pissed-off angelfish.
6:57am: Your alarm sounds...

This isn’t working.

You should probably just wake up to the sound of a different female voice every morning instead.

Introducing TalkO’Clock, a new website/wake-up call service that assigns a different random stranger to wake you up every morning, available now in beta.

Think of this as a hotel wake-up call. Only instead of the front desk, you’ll be roused from your slumber by an infinite number of everyday civilians who would like nothing more than to whisper sweet daybreak nothings into your ear.

It’s still in beta, so for now you’ll need to request an invite code on their Facebook page. Once you get it, go to the site and enter your phone number, desired wake-up time and the preferred gender of your mystery caller. Your request will then be available to all registered users (they can’t see your actual number), one of whom will be the person waking you up in the morning.

Oh, and if no one’s available, they have a “robot” who automatically steps in as a backup.

Either way, this could get interesting.

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