Things to do for August 25, 2011

The Weekender

Brazilian Dancers, a Beer Fest and The Breakfast Club

The weekend is out of the cone.

An ’80s Flashback Downtown

An ’80s Flashback Downtown

Tonight, you’ll want to catch happy hour in the Gusman lobby, then take in a screening of Judd Nelson’s finest work (The Breakfast Club), then join a DJ-fueled dance party on the stage. A Simple Minds remix: all but guaranteed.

Aug 25, 6pm happy hour, 7-10pm, screening $9, Gusman Center, 174 E Flagler St, 305-374-2444

Wall Channels an Ibiza Jungle

Wall Channels an Ibiza Jungle

Caution: you’re about to be surrounded by leggy tigresses. Relax, it’s just the birthday bash of club owner Nicola Siervo. To get in the festive mood, he’ll be flying in DJs from Ibiza and giving out animal masks to partygoers. So much sexier than noisemakers.

Aug 27, 11pm-4:30am, no cost, Wall, 2201 Collins Ave, 305-938-3130, RSVP here

The Latest in Beer-Spiked Foods

The Latest in Beer-Spiked Foods

You picked up a few pointers at last year’s Beer Cook-Off at Lou’s. (Your McMuffin Ale: breathtaking.) This year’s contest promises more of the same—namely, cheftestants distributing samples of their microbrew-spiked delicacies. There’s still time to hone your Belgian beer waffles.

Brazilian Shenanigans at Dune

Brazilian Shenanigans at Dune

Barefoot parties on the sand to the tune of Brazilian drummers—worth the trip to Rio. But this weekend, you’ll only have to travel so far as Key Biscayne, where gratis caipirinhas will be flowing from 6 to 7pm and samba rhythms will continue after that. Shoes: optional.

Sundays starting Aug 28, 6-9pm, no cost, Dune, 455 Grand Bay Dr, 305-365-4186, RSVP here

Drinking Wine in Vita’s Garden

Drinking Wine in Vita’s Garden

There’s no reason to go without wine on a Monday night. Vita is right there with you, knocking half-off bottles all night long—which, coincidentally, also dovetails with their Miami Spice menu. There’s eggplant parmesan and rack of lamb—because you shouldn’t go without lamb on Mondays, either.

Now through Sep 30, Vita, 1906 Collins Ave, 305-674-8822 

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