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120 Beers on Tap in Century City

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The first time you heard that song “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall,” you had one thought...

Seems awfully limiting.

You’re just the kind of big thinker who’ll appreciate the massive splendor of SmithHouse, a rustic brick cave of inventive burgers and more than 120 beers on tap, opening tonight in Century City.

If you work in the area, this looks a lot like your new go-to lunch spot—thanks in large part to the vintage-y vibe here, the SmithHouse Burger (with a marrow and parmesan crust) and the Cheddar Crunch Burger (the crunch comes from pulverized Fritos).

Note: it also looks like your new go-to for happy hour, which kicks in at 3pm and goes till 7pm on weekdays.

But regardless of where you call office, this also looks like the place where you’ll hole up with friends in a big booth on a Friday night to work your way through dinner and those beers from all over the globe. (Our favorite: La Chouffe, a Belgian pale ale.)

The beers come in pints and goblets. They come in flights. They even come in Beer Fondue. And if you’re at one of five special booths at the back (which you’ll reserve in advance), two of them will come out of a pair of rotating beer taps built right into your table. Just swipe your credit card and pour a couple yourself.

Yes, they also have whiskey.

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