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If Lance Armstrong Had a Desk Job...

None Today, we want to talk about workplace efficiency.

You. In your office. Emailing with your left hand. Signing deals with your right hand. Giving a speech over webcam on the new conference room/hot tub policy.

All while you’re racing at 20 mph.

Meet FitDesk, the beautiful marriage of a stationary exercise bike and your desk, available online now.

If Lance Armstrong and Cuban finally teamed together on a start-up (call it MavStrong), their headquarters would be flooded with these things.

It’s essentially a foldable exercise bicycle outfitted with the exercise bike basics: high and low speed settings, an adjustable seat and belted pedals. (Good thing you just got wing tip sneakers.)

But instead of handlebars, you have an inclined, sweat-resistant pad. It’s made from memory foam that’s wrapped in a firm grip cover, so your laptop won’t budge while you’re filing your expense report at 25 mph.

Let’s say it’s one of those nights at the office. You’re finalizing presentations, burning the midnight oil and putting off your Tour de France training. (Yes, again.) That’s when you’ll bring this guy out and toss your laptop on the foam pad. As you start pedaling and proofing documents, you’ll find yourself going faster and reading quicker. Suddenly, you’re knocking out your to-do list at an unrivaled rate.

Feel free to wear your yellow shirt.

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