Quishful Thinking

Trysting in a Late-Night Midtown Lounge

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Minimal damage: thankfully. Funny pictures of minimal damage: thankfully.

Right. Now let’s focus on the weekend.

Specifically, the part where you commandeer a new champagne-spewing lounge in Midtown.

Welcome to Vanquish, a surreptitious house of bourbon-cucumber cocktails, rampant DJ-offs and nook after cranny of ungoverned late-night potential, officially opening Saturday night.

If you’ve heard this is in the same building as Reign, you’re correct. If you’ve heard this is from the same owners as Reign, correct again. But we’re going to stop you there. Because as you make your scene (the scene-make can’t be taught) and glance to your right, you’ll find that’s where the similarities end.

Before you: backless leather couches, ornate chandeliers, tiger-skin rugs, gold walls and giant murals of unclad beauties. You can work with this.

Your knee-jerk reaction will be to find the nearest rocks glass of Bulleit Rye at the main bar. Go with it. But eventually, you’ll find yourself segueing over to a brown leather couch in the center of the room, where you’ll dispense rounds of Casa Dragones tequila (go neat with that one) upon your newly acquired entourage.

Of course, you could always be proactive and call ahead to reserve the private lounge upstairs... there’s a retractable wall up there.

You know, for safety.


1029 Peachtree St NE
Atlanta, GA, 30309


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