The Big Sleep

An Alarm That Does Some Good

None You’ve had quite a week.

Meetings about possible meetings. 5am nightcaps with Paz. Posting bail for Paz.

So go ahead, take that extra nine minutes of shut-eye.

And while you’re at it, save the world.

Introducing Snooze, an iPhone alarm clock app that lets you champion good causes in your sleep, available now.

It’s very simple. You get an alarm clock much like your iPhone’s: multiple alarms, snooze button... the usual. But every time you hit snooze, a quarter goes into an account, and twice a month, the app will ask if you’d like to donate your collected snooze money to your choice of nonprofits from the LetGive charity program. (Sorry, Hot Tubs Without Borders didn’t make the list.)

You can see where this is heading. You’ve overslept heroically. Your donations: well, the Gates Foundation may match you someday. And so you’ve been asked to give a speech to the children you’ve so honorably served. You’ll bow your head while gesturing humbly with one hand for the raging applause to stop. Just as they present your Quiet Hero award, a chorus of doe-eyed six-year-olds breaks out into a soaring rendition of “Wind Beneath My Wings” in your honor. You’ll start choking up, and...

... and then the alarm will go off again.

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