Blade of Glory

It’s a Belt. And a Sword.

None Your belt.

Undeniably stylish. And its holding-up-your-pants ability: second to none.

But it’s completely lacking in deadly force.

Until now.

Today, we introduce you to BeltSword, an honest-to-God sword that wraps around your waist while concealed as a belt, available now.

So the next time you need a sword, you’ll do two things. One: some hard thinking about your life and how you wound up needing a sword. And two: pull out this crazy invention—a flexible, slicing blade encased in a leather belt. And possibly the most significant advance in combat-ready accessorizing since the axebrella.

Now, we’re not necessarily endorsing turning your next cocktail party into a full-scale reenactment of Pirates of the Caribbean, but we don’t want to stifle your creativity either. Let’s say you’re at a steakhouse (one in Monte Cristo, perhaps). You’ll order their toughest rib eye, stand up in your booth and look out in pity at the naive fellow diners with their puny knives. From there... well, you know what to do.

We should mention you’ve got options here. These things are made-to-measure, so you’ll email the good people at Razor Razor, telling them your waist size and whether you want the optional stabbing dagger (sure, what the hell). Then, wait.

And maybe book some champagne-sabering lessons.

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