Great Balls

Ice Cubes That Never Melt

None Your world is full of magical things.

French-speaking hand models. Expertly poured martinis. Magnets.

And now: ice that never melts.

Say hello to Simply Chilled Reusable Ice Balls, the latest in your arsenal of drink-chilling weaponry, available now.

To put it simply: these are plastic-covered ice balls that keep your drink cool without diluting it. The sphere shape works best because the smaller surface area means the ice melts slower, keeping drinks colder, longer. And each set of six comes with nifty plastic hooks that allow you to easily remove the ice when you’ve sufficiently cooled things off.

Let’s paint a picture. You’re throwing one of your epic backyard lamb, pig and tofu roasts this weekend (you like to cover all the bases). And those riesling-preferring twins you met at paddleboard class show up with nice bottles of the white stuff. Only issue: they’re room temp. Solution: these well-chilled spheres. Slip a few into their glasses, distract them with discussions of wetsuit vs. non-wetsuit technique and pretty soon their wine will be at the ideal drinking temperature.

We hear this is how Copperfield got his start.


Simply Chilled Reusable Ice Balls

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