Things to do for August 11, 2011

The Weekender

Free Wine, Your Face and Doc Brown

The weekend is working on a flux capacitor.

Pizza and Brazilian Starlets

Pizza and Brazilian Starlets

You could wait until next weekend—when the Brazilian film festival opens—to get your fill of beauties whispering in Portuguese. Or you could get a preview of the samba-soaked festivities at tonight’s kickoff party. Expect caipirinhas, gourmet pizza and Brazilian actresses. Patience has never been your strong suit anyway.

Aug 11, 6-9pm, no cost, Piola, 1625 Alton Rd, 305-674-1660

You: Modeling

You: Modeling

Fun fact: you used to moonlight as an art school model. So this party, in honor of Sketchy Miami, a project that aims to get everyone in Miami to have their portrait drawn, should be old hat for you. Warning: you’ll want to wear clothes for this one.

Aug 12, 7-11:30pm, BAC, 561 NW 32nd St, 305-576-2828

Bring Your Dog to the Ballpark

Bring Your Dog to the Ballpark

Fridays: a time for you and Fido to spend quality time together. So after your usual Frisbee marathon, you’ll want to head to this Marlins game, where bringing a pooch is permitted, even encouraged. Finally, a chance to put that Marlins doggy cape to use.

Drinking Wine in a Warehouse

Drinking Wine in a Warehouse

Imagine a wine tasting in Napa Valley. Now swap the vineyard locale for a polished warehouse in South Beach where French expats regularly hang out. Then you’ll have an idea of this weekly gratis wine tasting, just launched at Wine Depot. This week it’s champagne. You know, to celebrate.

Tuesdays, 6-8pm, no cost, Wine Depot, 555 Jefferson Ave, 305-672-6161

A Night with Marty McFly

A Night with Marty McFly

Watching a movie inside a theater is all well and good, but sometimes you crave something more... picnic-friendly. Like the outdoor screenings at the SoundScape park, where on Wednesday they’re showing ’80s classic Back to the Future. Go ahead, cue up some Huey Lewis.

Aug 17, 8:30pm, no cost, SoundScape, corner of Washington Ave and 17th St, 305-673-7000

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