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Beer and Mussels on Venice Beach

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Venice Beach.

Two words that conjure imagery of corn-oiled biceps, astoundingly innovative piercings and flaming-skateboard juggling. And that’s just the first person you see on the boardwalk.

But in less than a week, it’ll also be the place for alfresco evenings of beer, pizza and Green Curry Mussels...

Take a look around Larry’s, your new favorite Venice Beach patio bar, finally opening Tuesday just steps from the sand.

With funky art, lots of sunlight and 26 gleaming beer taps, the inside of this place is pretty welcoming. Pull up a stool if you like, and start with an Old Speckled Hen English ale. (Whenever possible, you prefer to start your evenings with an English ale.)

But if you’re hungry, all the tables are outside, and you’ve got two options. #1: a handful of high tables to stand around on the intimate front patio, if you’re just going to snack on some ceviche with your brew. Or #2: a slew of actual dinner tables on a larger side patio.

And once you take a seat, your waiter will hand you a paper menu that’s sort of like ordering sushi in a strip mall—meaning, you’ll write down how many orders of Green Curry Mussels, Green Gazpacho and Green Chorizo and Egg Pizza you’re in the mood for.

Be more specific than “a lot.”


24 Windward Ave
Venice, CA, 90291


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