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The Best Weeknight Parties

You’ve never needed a special occasion to go out and break curfew. In fact, Wednesdayness is reason enough. So in service to you (and disservice to your employer), we’ve compiled a list of the best Sunday to Thursday night parties. And on the weekend, you rested.

The Darby Downstairs

The Darby Downstairs

The Scene: A Brazilian beach-themed bash that’s been banished to a cabaret club’s speakeasy basement. Don’t worry, the caipirinhas, sakerinhas and two-piece-wearing runway models from Rio seem to have not been affected at all by the move.
The Fixtures: Angels and DJs.
Optimal +1: A Portuguese translator.

The Westway

The Westway

The Scene: A grungy go-go dancer breeding ground. There’s something about mirrored walls, red lights and neon glowing stages that makes people just want to get up and dance. Suggestively.
The Fixtures: Spandex and strobe lights.
Optimal +1: Someone with change for a $20.

The Westway, 75 Clarkson St (between West and Washington)

Riff Raff’s

Riff Raff’s

The Scene: The party’s called Where the Wild Things Are. And in this version of the story, they’re apparently at a tiki bar. Covering their faces with war paint and dancing till 4am amongst a sea of coconut bras.
The Fixtures: Plastic flamingo sparklers and banana-flavored condoms.
Optimal +1: A pig. On a spit.



The Scene: Every once in a while, you’ll come across a loungey respite that feels just like a cozy, lived-in den. This... not one of those places. Unless you happen to have a lot of three-tiered chandeliers and Oscar-nominated actors in your rooftop living room at home.
The Fixtures: Fake boobs and real emotions.
Optimal +1: Your agent.

Mister H

Mister H

The Scene: According to a neon sign on the wall, this is not a brothel. According to the velour-covered beds, taxidermy birds and chain curtains, the sign is lying. On Thursdays, the party attracts a crowd that’s mainly media folk, creative types and professionals. No, not those professionals.
The Fixtures: Wild animals and wild animals.
Optimal +1: A pillow mint.

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