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Just a Bag That Makes Grilled Cheese

None When life hands you lemons—you make lemonade.

When life hands you a Teflon mesh bag that works in a toaster without spilling the gooey meltingness inside... you make grilled cheese.

Which brings us to Toastabags, a toasted sandwich game changer ready to revolutionize the relationship you have with bread and cheese, available now.

It works like this. Take Toastabag. Insert two slices of bread of your choice, along with cheese and filling of choice. Place bag into toaster, and wait for the magic to happen. Pretty soon your kitchen will fill with the intoxicating scent of toasted bread and melted cheese that reminds you of childhood (and last week at the food truck meetup).

So imagine: you and that cheese shop owner are holed up inside, waiting out yet another downpour, when suddenly she gets the urge for a bit of gruyère and tomato on sourdough. Problem: you don’t own a frying pan. But then you toss out a casual, “No worries, I’ll just brown bag it,” and quickly combine the ingredients with the nonchalant air of a diner cook.

Obviously, cleanup is easy. Toss the bag—which is made of Teflon-coated fiber—into the dishwasher. And they have a pretty good life span, lasting up to 30 uses.

Which ought to get you through next week, at least.

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