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If Craigslist Bought and Sold Knowledge

UD - Skillshare You look thirsty.

Not for beverages.

For knowledge.

Well, welcome to your new drinking fountain...

Introducing Skillshare, a site that’s sort of like a Craigslist for classes, officially launching on August 15.

Think of it like a renegade university where the entire city is your campus and pretty much anyone can be a teacher (well, anyone who’s an expert). As for your curriculum, it could range from topics disguised as education, like Drinking Scotch Like a Boss, to some with real-world application, such as How to Launch Your Startup for Less than $5,000.

If you’re feeling a little more professorial than knowledge-hungry, you can also apply to teach anything you want (juggling, charming your way out of a second date, navigating the three-martini lunch).

Once you decide on your area of expertise, you can set up a pilot class to gauge people’s interest. If lots of people (other than your parents) put it on their “watch list,” it becomes a reality, you post a curriculum and a price (most classes are well under $50), and class is in session.

Then it’s welcome to life on the tenure track.

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