Escape Clause

Getting Out of a Bad Date. Right Now.

UD - DateEscape This weekend, you may find yourself on a date. And we’d all like to believe that date is just going to go swimmingly. The chemistry, the conversation, the crème brûlée.

But... well, it might not.

And if that happens, you’ll have options. Like standing up, kicking your table over and shouting, “Fire!” (Note: this often doesn’t go over well when there isn’t actually a fire.)

Good thing there are better (and less chaotic) options. Like DateEscape, a charming app that gives you a way out. Now.

You’ll be pleased to know that this little piece of technology comes from a group of dating coaches. In other words, they’re not unfamiliar with the occasional need to flee the charming little bistro you so painstakingly selected.

Hence, the app will generate a fake call, text or MMS from someone in your actual contacts list (five seconds from now, 30 minutes from now, up to you). For instance, your mom can “call” or your roommate can text that a helicopter has just landed on your lawn. Better yet, he can send you a photo of said helicopter (you planned ahead).

Of course, if your date is on the brink of greatness, but you feel that just a little jealousy would really take it over the top, you can program the app to call you in the guise of a particularly attractive friend of yours.

Who might tell you that the restaurant is on fire.

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