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The Dude.

By now you’re familiar. He abides. He occasionally inspires ties. And at all costs, he wants his rug back.

Also of note: his house is up for sale.

Feast your eyes on The Dude’s Bungalow, the house of Lebowski and part of a compound of cottages for sale just off Venice Beach.

It’s the kind of sunny property for people who enjoy White Russians and can handle the occasional pop-in from German nihilists or Tara Reid.

Here’s the idea: The Dude’s house is actually a single-bedroom, single-bathroom cottage in Los Angeles. It’s in a group of six similar cottages. The cottages are all for sale as a group. So naturally, you’ll have to buy all six to make Lebowski’s—bungalow #2—yours. Whether you leave the garden paths and charming houses alone or knock down the other five to build a bowling alley is up to you. (The LA Department of City Planning may also weigh in.)

Some things you should know going in: they have a yearly “Dude Convention” there, and the folks behind it expect to continue their fine tradition. Also, sources from on high tell us the compound might sell to someone who may or may not want to convert it into a celebrity house-arrest subdivision, so you’d best move quickly.

And don’t spend too much on the rug.

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