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Like Rotten Tomatoes for Menus

UD - Food Genius You’re looking at the waiter. He’s looking at you. And he is not happy. The eyebrows are furrowed and everything.

You see, he doesn’t like to be called “waiter.” He’s a server. And a good one. So apparently he’s annoyed.

Now you have to make a decision: whether to trust his recommendation to try the roasted bone marrow over the dry-aged Wagyu.

Time to call in reinforcements. Introducing Food Genius, an Android app and website that doesn’t rate restaurants—it recommends individual dishes, available now.

Basically, it’s like Rotten Tomatoes for menu recommendations. This will be a boon for anyone who ever felt strong-armed into an agnolotti with summer vegetables when they had their doubts about the chef’s pasta-making skills. Now you’ll simply glance down to your phone and see what dishes recent diners raved about—or at least gave a big smiley face to (no one said being a genius was hard).

Right now, however, there’s just one little catch: Food Genius is still—how do we put this delicately—a little dumb. It started in Chicago this Friday, so it’s obviously a work in progress—and it needs you. Get online and start rating. Everything. Your favorite banh mi sandwich. The best spaghetti and meatballs. That wonderful steak Diane.

Okay, we’ll let you keep Diane to yourself.

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