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Platonic Lunch Dates to Help Your Career

UD - Down4Lunch Today, we’re going to talk about the subtle art of the power lunch. Actually, no, scratch that. Today, we’re talking about the overt, blatant art of the power lunch, complete with all the ladder-climbing, networking and sucking up that it implies.

And yes, you need to do more of that.

Here to give you a push: Down4Lunch, a new site launching in DC this week to give you the career catapult you’ve been looking for.

Think of this as for power lunchers. Rather than have their people call your people, you’ll just go through a brief (and maybe familiar) routine: you’ll set up a profile with your age, experience and industry, and the compulsory photos of yourself (something that shows off your best bow tie) and indicate what kind of people you’d like to lunch with.

Not unlike your romantic targets, these will of course be smart, engaging and witty people. But unlike dating, you’ll be a little less focused on shimmering hair and seductive eyes, and a little more focused on what a potential lunch date knows about, say, wind farms in Texas (or merely which windbags they know in the Senate).

Of course, people will be looking to lunch with you as well (they undoubtedly heard about your plan to produce energy from used wine corks). Don’t worry, you can screen them ahead of time, even sync your lunch availability with your calendar.

Now, if your potential business date also has seductive eyes...

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