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Dessert Food Trucks: The Tale of the Tape

2 Photos O’Crepes and That Cheesecake Truck
UD - O’Crepes and That Cheesecake Truck 2 Photos O’Crepes and That Cheesecake Truck
Some people call it coincidence. Not you, pal. When two new dessert-hawking food trucks alight in town within a week of each other, you call it fate.

Hence, a bit of an inquiry is warranted into O’Crepes and That Cheesecake Truck, rolling around town now. Remember, there are no winners and losers in this competition. Only sugar.

The Pedigree
O’Crepes: The recipes here come from the family of Regine Palladin, owner of Pesce in Dupont Circle.
That Cheesecake Truck: The first DC (and first mobile) venture by Rockville’s Sweetz Cheesecake.
The Edge: O’Crepes. When in doubt, France trumps Rockville.

The Truck
O’Crepes: The graphics here run to grapes, bananas and oranges cavorting on a beach.
That Cheesecake Truck: Chrome, blue and brand spanking new, this is the A-Team van of food trucks.
The Edge: That Cheesecake Truck, as it doesn’t conjure up any weird Fruit of the Loom flashbacks.

The Lunch Situation
O’Crepes: Think savory choices like The Parisian Classic, with ham and brie, and the Moulin Rouge, with chicken, mozzarella and pesto (and a garter).
That Cheesecake Truck: Not much here, unless you can justify a bite of mango or pumpkin for lunch.
The Edge: O’Crepes. At least until That Cheesecake Truck unveils a chicken salad cheesecake.

The Post-Lunch Situation
O’Crepes: Here, select your own fillings from stuff like Nutella, fresh fruit, banana and applesauce.
That Cheesecake Truck: A rotating array of two-dozen-plus flavors, like Tiramisu, Banana Chocolate Chip and Italian Frangelico.
The Edge: That Cheesecake Truck. It’s the pre-happy-hour pickup you need.

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