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Trivia, Sliders and Punch on Fairfax

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In a bar on a Friday night, you always see strangers playing weird games with each other.

Like charades.

But we gotta be honest with you: you haven’t seen anything yet.

That’s because it’s always game night at Vodvil, a new bar that’s more like your crazy uncle’s rec room frozen in the ’70s, opening Saturday on Fairfax.

Here’s how it will go. You’ll come by early with a bunch of friends, settle into a bright yellow couch in the large main room and fuel up on some fried pickles, turkey sloppy joe sliders and a pitcher of Paul Lynde Punch—there’s enough vodka, blackberry, lemon juice and champagne in there for four. (No word on a Jim J. Bullock punch.)

Then, every so often, your host will appear. Depending on the night’s theme, you all might be in for a round of movie-focused trivia... or trying to remember which sitcom had the theme song you’re hearing... or demonstrating your casual mastery of the week’s most important current events. (The Zookeeper gorilla was voiced by: Nick Nolte.)

Winner gets a token, and when you have amassed a (very) small fortune, you’ll want to redeem them at the vending machine in the back, filled with such treasures as Big League Chew.

Nothing says glory like shredded bubble gum.


351 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA, 90048


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