A Smoke Alarm That Texts

UD - Firetext Fire.

It can happen anywhere and at any time. Like at home. Or during a Rihanna concert at American Airlines Center.

It’s time you were prepared. And it’s time you got your smoke alarm a phone number...

Meet Firetext, a new alarm that will text you if there’s a fire, available now online.

This is like having your home’s smoke alarm in your pocket at all times.

The setup’s pretty simple: grab a prepaid SIM card, connect the alarm with a phone number (unfortunately, there isn’t a family/smoke alarm plan... yet), sit back and... hope you never need this thing.

That said, consider the following: the next time Rihanna’s in town, she’ll naturally want to stop by your place for her ritual preshow bacon and eggs. (She considers your breakfast food lucky.) But as you’re greasing the pan, you get a call: she’s one minute away and needs help with her luggage. You go out to assist. Then you get a text from your kitchen: “Smoke alarm activated.” You run inside just in time to extinguish the smoking bacon.

Next up, Skype-ing with your microwave.

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