The Final Mountdown

Attaching a Massive Camera Lens to Your iPhone

UD - iPhone SLR Mount It’s almost 100 degrees out there today.

That’s crazy hot.

Anyway, let’s talk about attaching a giant camera lens to your iPhone.

If only because there’s no reason not to. Introducing the iPhone SLR Mount, the next big thing in attaching-your-existing-Canon-or-Nikon-lens-to-your-iPhone technology, available now for preorder.

What you’re essentially doing here is turning your phone into a full-on DSLR (which is code for a badass digital camera). You’ll start by slipping the mount over your phone just like you would with an iPhone case. From there, it’s a simple matter of throwing your camera strap through the loopholes, attaching a telephoto, wide-angle or macro lens to the end and... taking pictures of things.

But at the same time, we get it—if you happen to be carrying a massive lens around with you, chances are you have your actual camera, too, thus rendering the whole iPhone thing an elaborate exercise in frivolity. The good news: you really don’t see a problem with that. The better news: not only is this a solid conversation piece, but you may or may not be setting the benchmark by which all Facebook mobile uploads are measured.

Which is kind of an awkward aspiration, but you get it.

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