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It’s Getting Hot. So Grab This.

UD - USB Cooler Cushion Plenty to celebrate this weekend.

The birth of a nation. Freedom. An excuse to eat a steak, a burger and a bratwurst in the same sitting (it is the Fourth, after all).

And one more thing to put you in a good mood this holiday weekend: the end to an overheated office chair.

Presenting the USB Cooler Cushion, a seat cushion that’s basically an air conditioner for your well-sculpted backside, available now online.

Because if there’s one thing that exists in opposition to a free and democratic society, it’s being forced to toil away in your office while on a chair that consistently overheats (which also happens to be a form of punishment in some Communist societies).

And that’s where this comes in. Simply place it on the Dr. Evil–caliber leather throne you spend much of your day upon (one requires comfort while checking one’s Facebook news feed) and plug it into your computer’s USB port. From there, the cushion provides a constant kiss of air to cool you off and reduce dangerous sweat-inducing heat levels.

And since you prefer working without pants on, this is sorta key.

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