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A Library with Vodka and Billiards

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When you step into a library, you’re always overwhelmed by the history. The wisdom contained in the tomes.

The endlessly flowing Mediterranean Margaritas...

Welcome to The Library at the Redbury, the kind of book emporium-slash-lounge you could only find in a raucous Hollywood hotel, officially open to the public tonight.

Think of this as a nightspot to hide out in when your date needs a bit of literary intrigue (you know, when you’re with somebody who occasionally reads things that aren’t bound by brads).

To start, you’ll abscond into the crimson Redbury hotel, sneak past Cleo restaurant and climb a few stairs to the second floor. That’s where you’ll find an elegant cove of white-covered books and tufted leather armchairs. Feel free to do a little light reading—or get to know each other over a game of pool and a round of Honey Citrus Sidecars.

But if it’s the kind of summer night (like, say, tonight) when you just want to be drinking outside—far away from any Dewey Decimal System—head out to the Glade, a striking courtyard that’s lined with daybeds and a few dinner tables. If Cleo’s too loud, you can get the full menu of flatbreads and baba ghanoush up here, too.

All the classics start with baba ghanoush.

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